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Diesel and the



Using the fuel crisis

as an opportunity 

On our way to an emission-free future, compromises must be made. Diesel has the lowest CO2 emissions of all liquid fuels and is therefore considered a cheap bridge technology in a world confronted with rising energy prices. Therefore, we use diesel as an opportunity through smart purchasing logistics in a time frame we still need diesel for the transformation of the energy market. 



Larger quantities for dealers,
higher margins for you. 

In the trade in mineral oils, even higher margins are possible due to our possibilities in the area of purchase quantities, which we can pass on directly to you and your end customers via your dealer - especially with the Diesel EN590. 


We can offer Diesel EN590 at significant discounts under the Platts ARA or O.M.R. indices, which can be passed on fairly and profitably to you and your end customers. 


Through our warehouses in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, we are shipping the fuels across the Rhine. In doing so, we aggregate your demand and cooperate directly with your oil dealer. 

Buyers & margins 

In this way, you and your end users are directly involved in higher margins. Due to our high minimum purchase quantities, we have new scopes for action only possible through your dealer. 

About Us

/ Founder & CEO 

Philipp Hoese

Philipp Hoese is an experienced serial entrepreneur with a focus on automotive, events & logistics on the international stage. After graduating from Raiffeisenbank München Süd eG, he used his skills in negotiation, event management, corporate communication, management & marketing for a number of successful business start-ups, including Agentour25 GmbH in the field of mobility services and Mr. Rent Service GmbH in the event logistics segment. Together with his network partner Peter Massine, he currently also runs PPX3 Fossil Fuels GmbH in Munich. 

/ Founder & Shareholder 

Peter Massine 

Peter Massine is a serial entrepreneur as well as founder, former producer and managing director of the concept show "Apassionata“. He studied business administration and psychology and organized and marketed the world-famous magic entertainer David Copperfield in Germany from 1993 to 1994. Since then, he has been using his international network and his distinguished instinct for successful business models in selected companies, currently also in Germany with his long-standing business partner Philipp Hoese in the Fossil Fuels Venture PPX3.


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